For Humanity's Sake

"I hold my breath I hold my breath for humanity’s sake for the way we hold the space for every color every race for every palate that could taste every breed who could mistake what I have and what I waste take take take, take more than you need an unconscious thing many have been silent but I have come to sing vbo-vbo-vbo-vbo… soon to exhale soon to set sail there are men who cast their nets in search of purpose and respect coming back with empty nests forgotten all their privileges I watch them pass on the sidewalk gotta drink my coffee wrap my thoughts check the weather check my watch I’m waiting for the sun to drop so I can start a fire and signal all the plane the world’s about to shift again and we’ll never be the same"-For Humanity's Sake, Medicine For the People


My name is Tyler Burkland. I am a an american college student currently studying computer science. I also have a passion for political, humanitarian, and existential issues. My goal is to address global issues and spread awareness for a progressive revolution fueled by enlightened thought.